It is widely known that the category of frozen seafood products presents several particularities and sensitivities concerning the entire production process from fishing and processing to packaging and distribution to the points of sale.

However, the expertise, the certified infrastructure, the qualified personnel, and the continuous internal controls at all production process stages ensure an excellent quality outcome.

Our company has invested heavily in all the above, as well as in the distribution network so that the products of Atlantikos are guaranteed to be of the best quality and highest nutritional value the moment they reach the consumer.

Atlantikos products are harvested from the cleanest seas worldwide!


Through constant research and updating concerning the trends of the international markets, A. FASOMYTAKIS Commercial & Industrial S.A. is always a step forward to meet and exceed the needs, the demands and the expectations of its customers. We seek to follow the development and the evolution while always keeping in mind our customers’ trust.


Numerous thorough controls are carried out throughout all levels of production, storage, and handling of the products to accredit the accomplishment of the required quality standards according to the certified Quality Assurance System of our company.

Atlantikos is a certified company for implementing the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System. Additionally, it implements food safety systems based on the new European requirements for systematic preventive approach and monitoring in compliance with the Food Safety System Certification 22000:2013


Our establishments have been certified by the EL 17 KN 98 code concerning the processing and standardisation of fisheries and by the F91 code for the storage of frozen products.